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Travels with Mrs B….

Welcome to my adventures as the A&R of Bluesky Pie Records. This is my travel blog of reviews, tips and anecdotes from my stays in treasures around the world.

Recently I celebrated a readership of 100,000 on Trip Advisor. I am elaborating on my experiences in my blog with the lovely, kind, adorable but sometimes grumpy, Mr B in tow. =)

I am not lucky enough to get paid for reviews or get any free stays so I will always give an honest opinion or feedback.  If you want to message me then pop over to the Contact page.

Join me.

Much love,

Mrs B.


Featured post

Aguas de Ibiza 5* hotel – pearl of Santa Eularia Ibiza

A real favourite of ours in the genteel town of Santa Eularia. We usually stay twice a year in April and October. Brilliant 5 star hotel in the marina at St Eularia, a lovely genteel town in Ibiza far from the clubbing scene but only a taxi ride away from the dance all night clubs. Continue reading “Aguas de Ibiza 5* hotel – pearl of Santa Eularia Ibiza”

Gran Montesol Hotel 5* review – Ibiza.

The Hilton hotel chain have redesigned and renovated this iconic hotel sitting on the corner of Vara Del Rey in the centre of Ibiza town. It is now part of the Curio brand. It is wonderful. I cannot stress enough how amazing it looks and the rooms are so beautiful.
Iconic black and white 60s and 70s portraits line the walls. A veritable who’s who of the old Ibiza hippy and celebrity worlds.

Continue reading “Gran Montesol Hotel 5* review – Ibiza.”

Travels with Mrs B favourite places and hotels.

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Schiev – an electronic music festival in Brussels

Bluesky Pie Records are situated at the gateway to Europe on the South East coast so when we found out that an exciting electronic music festival was happening in Brussels at the weekend, we had to check it out. Continue reading “Schiev – an electronic music festival in Brussels”

Warwick Hotel 5 stars in Brussels

Did I tell you me and Mr B run a record label? Bluesky Pie Records is an indie label that champions new music.  After years of promoting bands and musicians we decided to delve into the world of record labels and publishing companies.  It is a very rewarding job.  What’s not to love about discovering new bands and helping them get the first steps on the ladder to fame and fortune.   Continue reading “Warwick Hotel 5 stars in Brussels”

Celebrating 100,000 readers on Trip Advisor

What a whirlwind!  Travelling is very enriching both for yourself and when your top tips can help others decide where to spend their hard earned cash.

I am over the moon that so many people like reading my reviews of hotels we stay in and that has now reached the dizzying heights of 100,000 fans. Continue reading “Celebrating 100,000 readers on Trip Advisor”

So Nice in Nice – a trip to the French and Italian Riviera

So Nice in Nice goes the Stranglers song.

The last time I had been anywhere near Nice was in 1989 travelling with girlfriends under canvas in France and Italy. Back then borders were still in place and I still remember the dizzying heights of the road over Genoa. I literally could not look down, fortunately my friend was driving.

We wanted a late summer break, the flights on BA were incredibly cheap to Nice so we thought, why not? Mr B used to live in Italy before we were wed, in fact in 1989 that was where I was heading with my friends to go and see him in Naples. We had never been to the Italian Riviera together though, and decided to stay there rather than the French coast. Continue reading “So Nice in Nice – a trip to the French and Italian Riviera”

Corrèze – France. R&R with the family.

It is always a struggle where family holidays are concerned.  There are so many boxes to be ticked.  Drive or Fly? As we live so close to the Eurotunnel and can literally see France on a clear day it seems silly not to drive to Europe.  All inclusive?  Nah, not for us.  We end up getting bored of the food after day two.  Our own villa or farmhouse within 8 hours drive?  Sign me up! Continue reading “Corrèze – France. R&R with the family.”

Celebrating 93,000 readers on Trip Advisor

Imagine my surprise when I got an email today congratulating me on a readership of 93,000 on Trip Advisor.  I am not a prolific writer on TA merely reporting back on places I have visited, hotels I have stayed in or restaurants that I have dined in.  I don’t go for reviewing every single place I have ever been to, only those I would urge you to try or conversely avoid at all costs.  They are quite rare though, I prefer to use my spider senses to pick out places I think both me and Mr B will enjoy.

I look forward to writing more about my trips and give good advice to fellow travellers.  Me and Mr B love to travel. =)



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