Welcome to Travels with Mrs B, my travel blog of reviews and anecdotes from my stays in wonderful treasures around the world.

Recently I celebrated a readership of 40,000 on Trip Advisor (now 95,000 Oct ’17) so I am elaborating on my experiences in my Travels with Mrs B blog with my lovely, patient,  kind, but sometimes grumpy, Mr B in tow. =)

I love the first coffee of the morning, being woken by the sunrise, my black poodle cross – Romeo, delicious scents, writing with fountain pens, new notebooks, old Stationery shops, Vivienne Westwood clothes, my hand stitched poetry quote coats, mother of pearl buttons, reading travel books and, most of all, my family with my whole heart.

Special skills:  Mirror writing. Touching my nose with my tongue. Speaking French, Italian and Spanish usually not in the country I am supposed to.

I am an artist, photographer and grass roots record label owner based in South East England who travels for occasional business and permanent pleasure in beautiful spots in Europe and beyond.

I am not lucky enough to get paid for reviews or get any free stays so I will always give an honest opinion or feedback.  If you want to message me then pop over to the Contact page.

Join me.

Much love,

Mrs B.