img_0199One of our all time favourite places to go is the magical island of Ibiza.  Known mostly for its nightlife, it is also a wonderful place to reconnect with nature.

It is home to the ancient Carthaginian goddess Tanit who resides on the tiny protected island of Es Vedra, the third most magnetic point on earth.  Only the North Pole and the Bermuda Triangle are more magnetic, probably why we get pulled back at least twice a year for a few nights break.

We are not party animals and prefer the peace and quiet of Santa Eularia, a more genteel and refined town at the opposite side of the island to San Antonio.  We have been coming for more than 10 years and have a few favourite hotels we always stay in.  Our top three hotels are:

1. Atzaro, San Joan

2. Mirador de Dalt Vila, Ibiza town

3. Aguas de Ibiza, Santa Eularia

Wherever you stay on the island you must try and grab a boat to Formentera.  The closest you can get to the caribbean this side of the Atlantic.  The beaches are like white talcum powder and the sea the clearest I have ever seen.  Hire a bike for a leisurely exploration or if you are like Mr B hire a motorbike.  I was a passenger which meant shaky legs and gripping on tightly in case I fell off the back.  Not a relaxing way to start your beach quest.  We probably were able to do more exploration with the power of petrol, however and did make it up to the lighthouse at the far end of Formentera.  The next stop after that is Africa.  There are remains of Phoenician settlements here and a pirate tower dating back to the 16th century is a landmark to look out for.

Interestingly, a prehistoric human skeleton measuring over 7 feet tall was discovered in the centre of the island near the lake.  A giant in Formentera! The site is marked by gravestones set in a circle with the entrance directly pointing to sunset and Es Vedra just off the coast of Ibiza.


The view across the marina to Siesta, Santa Eularia
Ibiza’s incredible red earth.  The coastal walk from St Eularia to S’Argamassa.
Es Vedra – the temporary home for a 19th century priest who had hallucinations about the end of the world.I firmly believe that Es Vedra has been worshipped from time immemorial and it really does have a powerful effect on me whenever I see it.  Awe inspiring in fact.  I don’t like swimming off Cala D’Hort beach as it almost feels like the water is bubbling underneath.  Mr B laughs at me when I say this to him.  Mr B took our older boys out in a pedalo to see if they could reach the island but it was an impossible task.  The water was getting rough and the currents were strong.  When he peered over the side of the pedalo it was dense with millions of jellyfish.  He quickly turned the pedalo round and they pedalled back to shore at Olympian speed.


Casita Verde

Poppy fields near San Lorenzo
The entrance to Tanit’s cave – Cova des Cuimeram dates back to 300BC.
S’illa des Bosc near Sunset Ashram, Cala Comte
Mmmm Atzaro.
Fenella my flamingo purse with a view from the rooftop bar at Aguas de Ibiza, St Eularia